Becoming certified as a Person-Centered Service Specialist requires more than just “take a few classes, and check off the boxes.”  You need to be committed to transforming your mindset into one that is based on the PCSS Pillars.

The program is crafted so that all the requirements below can be met during the normal course of enrollment in the program.  The certification process requires, at a minimum, the following achievements:

  • Students are required to maintain enrollment in the PCSS program, which will include on-the-job and skills training.
  • On-the-job training components:
    • Work must occur at a program site managed and supervised by a Certified Person-Centered Service Specialist
  • Skills training components:
    • Training must occur under the supervision of a Certified Person-Centered Service Specialist
    • Successful completion of all Masterclass training series
    • Successful completion of the Mandatory State-Required Training Series
    • Successful completion of the professional coaching program
    • Successful completion of the professional mentorship program
    • Continuing participation and attendance of Relationship Approach Workshops

Click here to see the process and timeline for meeting the requirements.