PCSS Certification requires an “all-in” attitude from its students.  Training is immersive, in both skill training sessions, and on-the-job training requirements.  Certification is not a learn-first, apply-later process.  It is a learn-by-doing process.  During your certification training period, you are required to maintain enrollment for a minimum of 15 months.

Because of this commitment and the real value of service work provided during the process, certification is achieved while being primarily employed by a Certified Person-Centered Service Specialist agency.  This allows you to stay fully committed and immersed in the program without sacrificing your time, money, social, or family life to achieve certification.

This interactive timeline outlines the typical progression through the program:

  • Potential student applies and is accepted to the program
  • Student enters a 3-month orientation period.  During this period, the student receives basic training on how to provide services to people in need, as well as training on the rules and policies that govern the program.
  • After the orientation period, student is admitted to the PCSS Certification program.
  • The Student is assigned an on-the-job work schedule of approximately 37 hours per week.  This schedule includes working all shift types (morning, afternoon, and overnight) to provide a well-rounded work experience.
  • The Student is assigned a skills training schedule of approximately 3 hours per week.  This schedule progresses through all off-job required achievements.
  • After approximately 12 months, the student completes all requirements for certification.

This timeline is just a guideline.  Your individual path, speed of completion, and weekly schedule may look different based on your unique situation and needs.

It is important to note: not everyone who applies to the certification program is accepted.  This program is not right for everyone; applicants must be committed to the process and to doing the internal work that personal growth requires.  Click here to apply.